Lord Buckethead: The Hero We’ve All Been Waiting For

Who, you might ask, is Lord Buckethead?

Dressed in all black, he’s a figure that would be hard to miss. Think Darth Vader with a bucket instead of a helmet. He is also the candidate who won 249 votes in the General Election last week in Maidenhead – the same constituency as Theresa May.


Obviously he is a satirical politician, designed to ridicule the system and the individuals who run our country. However, I had a read of the manifesto on his website, Buckethead4Maidenhead, and I think he’s onto something. 

Okay, so the nationalisation of Adele and the banishment of Katie Hopkins to the “Phantom Zone” aren’t policies we could implement (I wish!). But I quite like the idea of “free bikes for everyone, to help combat obesity, traffic congestion and bike theft.” It’s logical, simple and the Boris Bike initiative is something I was already on board with.

There seems to be an underlying social commentary to some of them though. Bear with me on this one. Not making facial coverings illegal? A nod to ethnic minorities and the controversies

surround hijabs, burkhas and the like. Hunting fox-hunters? It suggests a stance against the hunting and culling of certain wild animals in Britain that is still being (unnecessarily) debated. And by not building Heathrow’s third runway, public funding can be spent elsewhere – how about education or the NHS?

I realise that I’m making a lot of assumptions based upon something clearly intended to be ironic, but you have to admit that the position that the manifesto seems to take is pretty in line with what a lot of people have been asking the government for: fighting discrimination, a lower voting age of 16, and to stop getting involved in wars in the Middle East.


And the fact that 249 people would rather vote for a man with a bucket on his head than for our current Prime Minister not only supports his standpoint, but also raises questions about who the hell we’ve put in charge of our country.

Lord Buckethead, the genius himself, said it best: “If Mrs May cannot even defend her own social care policies just days after they are launched, how can she possibly cope against a Space Lord?”

Which policy on the 15-point manifesto is your favourite? 

Best wishes,



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