A Week Living By My Horoscope

I don’t have a sliver of belief in astrology. Horoscopes, star signs, planets orbiting… it’s all bullshit to me. However, I still insist on reading the Cosmopolitan predictions on Snapchat because come on, they’re just a bit of harmless fun.

There are people who consult the stars or whatever before making any life decisions. Each to their own. although I do think it’s ludicrous. So I decided I’d try it for a week.

My birthday is 12 February so I’m an Aquarius. Apparently, that makes me creative, independent and stubborn, which is probably how most people would describe me anyway. I’m also ruled by my circulatory system – I’m cold all the time, does that count? – and Aquarius is the sign of the future, whatever that means.

I picked a random astrology website, keen.com, and tried to follow whatever daily advice it gave me.


I actually had a really good day today. Monday mornings mean four hours of Avant-Garde American poetry, which is something I’m surprised to find I enjoy. I also went to a poetry night run by two of my friends where the theme was mental health. Maybe that was supposed to ‘get past my defenses’ but I was just happy that the event had been such a success and felt pretty inspired myself. Does that mean that poetry is my defence? They say that the pen is mightier than the sword but I feel like I wouldn’t last very long if I recited some Barbara Guest at knifepoint.


I guess that dreamy could also mean completely exhausted, considering how I slept through my alarm. Anyone who knows me in real life will realise how rare that is. I’m the worst kind of person: a morning person. In terms of letting my mind wander, I had a job interview and wrote an essay plan, so not exactly much of an opportunity for that. I went to a Halloween party, despite my overt disdain for the holiday, and dressed up Taylor Swift from the ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ video when she’s in the bath and covered in diamonds. That’s imaginative, right?


Two hours of my creative writing feedback group covers this one. In terms of making a move, I don’t know what I need to make a move on (that’s a lie, I do, but nothing could make me do that). I’m still waiting to hear back about my interview so who knows, maybe I’ll hear back about that?


My mum and my sister flew over to visit for a few days so spending time with them is obviously important to me. Does spending most of the day shopping mean I went somewhere that matters? Also, I got the term-time job! My horoscope was just a bit late on that one apparently. And mobility? I don’t know, I walked a lot today.


I’m not burying myself in work, thank you very much, because university is doing a good enough job of that for me. I am swamped by deadlines, but I spent all morning with my family. I’m not giving astrology credit for that, I’ve had this planned for at least four weeks so I’ll just have to spend the day in the library tomorrow. I enjoyed my time with my mum and sister, but they could tell you that I have no clue how to relax properly. I’m just constantly ‘on’.


So basically don’t be a bitch today. I went out for brunch today (scrambled eggs and coffee) so I was feeling pretty content this morning. I’m feeling a bit stressy today but don’t you worry folks, I got along anyway.


This is not true. I was definitely not in the mood to talk to anyone today and was quite happy to spend the day with my earphones in. I got through three podcasts, four TV episodes, and a ton of university work whilst I avoided being social. I did call up my dad though, who I haven’t spoken to properly in weeks and it was lovely to hear his voice. Again, this wasn’t prompted by my horoscope, I just wanted to speak to my dad and I didn’t need a website to tell me that.

Verdict: They literally made no difference to my everyday life, considering my degree and hobbies are 80% creativity-based, I was already spending time with my ‘loved ones’, and I didn’t need to be advised not to be a dick if I’m moody. Sunday’s horoscope did remind me to reply to some of my texts though. I’m one of those people who will see a notification, put my phone down for two minutes, then forget to respond for a disgustingly long time.

I guess that if you wanted to be guided by the planets, go for it. It’s not exactly harming anyone, is it? I can see how people might find parallels between their horoscope and their real lives. When they’re as generic as this advice was, it doesn’t take much to interpret them to make them fit into your situation.

Do you read your horoscope? And if so, do you use it to inform your choices?

Best wishes,


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