BREAKING NEWS: A Couple Got Engaged On Monday

I’m not sure if you know but the headlines this week are covering the news that a man and a woman are getting married next year.

Obviously, I’m oversimplifying the royal engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which was announced by Clarence House on Monday 27 November.

Since then, there have been tv interviews, news articles and comments from other very important people. Kate is ‘absolutely thrilled’, in case you were concerned about her feelings on the situation.

And for every official press release, there have been countless voices speculating about everything from the dress to the bride-to-be’s racial background. Ridiculous? I think so.

Who is Meghan Markle? Well, she’s a 36-year-old American actress, best-known for her role in Suits. She’s divorced, her mum is African-American and her dad is white, and she has a degree from Northwestern University.

Apparently, this is incredibly important and requires in-depth analysis from every website and news outlet. In fact, some have called it ‘controversial’, whether that’s due to her previous marriage, her biracial heritage or her career.

The royal family has had their fair few scandals – what about the whole issue with Camilla and Charles getting married?

Let’s get genuinely controversial: the idea of the monarchy itself is archaic and the British royal family is mostly there for show. They bring in lots of money from tourists and are great representatives for Britain but they don’t hold that much power in terms of making decisions about the country. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Queen is ace, I just don’t see why they should be held up to absurdly high standards and their lives scrutinised so much.

Yes, the expenses are another problem altogether and maybe I’ll discuss that once the details start to emerge because it’s obvious that the wedding will be lavish – but it will be nowhere near as exciting as Harry’s stag do. I can’t wait for that to hit the headlines.

All in all, they’re just two people who fell in love and got engaged. Congrats etc. I just don’t need to be sent ‘Breaking News’ notifications every day about it.

Side note: I’m a bit upset that we’re not getting a bank holiday for this one. Poor effort.

Best wishes,


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