Aliens Can’t Be Female, Apparently

I have never watched Doctor Who, perhaps aside from one or two Comic Relief specials starring David Tennant. Ever since I was little, I’ve always been veered more towards the Fantasy side of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre – probably because my dad’s love of history, castles and British monarchies in particular, mean that the medieval reflections … More Aliens Can’t Be Female, Apparently

Racism in Parliament – Wait, We’re Still Talking About This?

Before you read on, click this link to see the BBC news story that I’m basing my response off for some context. To give you a heads up, this is most likely to be a rant post more than an analysis of any sort. I’m really fucking furious a tad disgruntled about the situation. Please … More Racism in Parliament – Wait, We’re Still Talking About This?

Manchester and Music

It’s taken me over a week to even be able to articulate how I feel about the attack in Manchester on 22 May. It was somewhat surreal waking up last Tuesday to news notifications announcing the deaths and injuries of people at the Ariana Grande concert in the Manchester Arena. Acts of terrorism are happening … More Manchester and Music