Scared To Blog?

A blog post about not knowing what to write for a blog post? How meta. I’ve gone quiet online over the past few weeks, not just with my blog, but social media and even just private messaging. I found it so exhausting to keep up with and I needed a bit of a break from … More Scared To Blog?

Prestige and Prejudice in Publishing Prizes: The Man Booker Longlist

The Man Booker Longlist 2017 was announced on 26 July and book bloggers, vloggers and reviewers alike have raised the debate again of whether these awards really matter. Being the unique snowflake that I am, here is my tuppence-worth on the subject (I’m British, we say tuppence, not two cents). For those of you outside … More Prestige and Prejudice in Publishing Prizes: The Man Booker Longlist

Breaking News: Politicians Are Human Too

On Wednesday 12 July, Westminster Hall was filled with the usual loud voices of indignant politicians wanting their views to be heard. They weren’t debating a policy or tax cut – they were speaking out about the abuse they received during the General Election campaign. Okay, let’s hold our hands up and say that politicians often … More Breaking News: Politicians Are Human Too

Aliens Can’t Be Female, Apparently

I have never watched Doctor Who, perhaps aside from one or two Comic Relief specials starring David Tennant. Ever since I was little, I’ve always been veered more towards the Fantasy side of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre – probably because my dad’s love of history, castles and British monarchies in particular, mean that the medieval reflections … More Aliens Can’t Be Female, Apparently